November 1, 2016

Ron Rubin Talks Retirement Planning on WJLA's Good Morning Washington

Ron Rubin, CEO of Bridgewater Wealth, sat down with WJLA's Veronica Johnson to talk about retirement dos and don'ts
[Click on image for video]

Planning for a retirement that can last for 30 years or more may seem daunting. Knowing how much to save and how to invest those savings wisely so that you won't outlive your money is critical to living the retirement you envision. 

Ron Rubin, CEO and Managing Partner of Bridgewater Wealth & Financial Management, sat down with WJLA's Veronica Johnson to talk about the steps you can take now and the pitfalls to avoid when planning your retirement. 

For more tips and resources, check out Ron's article: Reset Your Retirement Reality: What To Do Now That You Are 50!

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