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Empowering women with the financial confidence and resources they need to take control of their money and wealth.

The Why

Women are breaking glass ceilings. 

We are breaking the mold.

There are many theories about why women don’t take charge of their finances: lack of confidence, lack of interest, lack of time. While there may be some truth in all of these, we believe the most important reason is that not enough women have been leading the conversation.

We have the power, know-how, wisdom, expertise and resourcefulness to change that now.  

Join us as we begin a different kind of conversation. A conversation that is is more engaging, less intimidating and more meaningful. A conversation that directly connects women with other women who know how to build wealth and are passionate about sharing their expertise so that all women gain the confidence to be stewards of their own and their families’ wealth.

HER WEALTH creates Connections

Rarely do you find a team of professional women with the breadth and depth of financial knowledge and expertise in one firm.

We are wealth advisors, financial planners, investment advisors, CPAs, tax planners, divorce specialists and financial managers that serve as outsourced CFOs for companies and foundations.

That’s why we believe we are uniquely qualified to lead the conversation and spearhead the transformation when it comes to women and their wealth.

First and foremost, we are women who share a passion to help other women achieve their financial goals. We hope our stories will inspire a deeper connection with you.

Nina Mitchell

Senior Wealth Advisor & Partner
Probably the most defining moment for me professionally was soon after 9/11. One of my closest clients entrusted me to handle every financial matter for the widow of his best friend who tragically died in the World Trade Center on 9/11. Thus began and continues to this day, a very close relationship with this amazing woman.
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Dawn Doebler, CPA, CFP®, CDFA®

Senior Wealth Advisor & Director of Education
My client may be going through a divorce for the first (and hopefully only) time, but I have experienced this many times with many clients. They are relieved to know that I can help them navigate this uncharted territory as only someone who has been there before can do.
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Shellie Kurek Peters, CFP®, ChFC®

Senior Wealth Advisor & Director of Financial Planning
A young client was able to chart a course and save diligently for an early retirement goal. She is an amazing entrepreneur and met that first goal and many others mostly because of her tenacity, but also, as she shared with me, because I taught her to pay herself first.
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Karen Baer, CSA®, CDFA™

Senior Wealth Advisor
When working with widows or divorcees, there are underlying emotions, mostly fear, about having enough money in the future. Once I can illustrate their financial future on paper, it creates a sense of calm for them.
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Ann Brownholtz, CPA

Principal & Senior Tax Advisor
Many people are intimidated by the IRS and other taxing authorities. My goal is to put them at ease, patiently answer any questions they may have and provide a sense of security for them.
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Kelly Anastasi

Director of Financial Management Services
Our clients’ genius is to be a lawyer or developer or an I.T. contractor. They don’t want to spend time preparing financial statements or cash flow planning. I enjoy taking the burden of the financial piece off of them so they can focus on their businesses and their clients.
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HER WEALTH inspires Confidence

When women are empowered with financial knowledge, they are more confident stewards of their money and wealth.

You have questions and concerns like, “Will I outlive my money?” “Am I invested wisely?” “How should I save for my kids’ college?” “Do I need long-term care insurance?”

We have the answers. We also have more questions. Questions that most people don't even think to ask.

HER WEALTH articles, guides and resources were developed keeping this in mind. You shouldn’t have to be the expert to get the advice and guidance you need. We keep our materials approachable and simple, but not simplistic. We honor your time, and respect your intelligence.

We're here to support you with more in-depth or customized solutions at every step along the way.

Resources We Recommend

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About Her Wealth
Managing your wealth can seem like just one more thing on your long to-do list. You want things done wisely and well, and we can help you. Learn how.
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Pre-Retirement checklist
Our Fearless Financial Plan for Retirement is full of resources that help you explore what retirement looks like for you, and a checklist to prepare you for the retirement you envision.
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Downloadable Resource
Post-Divorce checklist
Our Wealth Advisors have been through the divorce process many times with clients and want you to gain the confidence of being prepared to move on to a brighter (financial) future.
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Downloadable Resource
In Case of Emergency checklist
No one can predict when an emergency will happen, but we can be prepared. This checklist will help you take care of your family and financial responsibilities when you cannot.
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HER WEALTH builds Community

Intelligent, savvy and dynamic women are part of our Her Wealth community as clients, collaborators, champions and fans. Bridgewater clients and guests enjoy exclusive events where they can engage with other women and learn about ‘all things financial’ in a fun and relaxed environment.

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Her Wealth Special Events in 2016

Her Wealth advances Women in Finance

It’s not enough to change the financial conversation. We want to change the financial industry.

Each year, Her Wealth will award a $2,500 merit-based scholarship to an eligible undergraduate woman entering her junior or senior year and studying to become a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®), Certified Financial Analyst (CFA) or Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

We invest in the future of young women. This is one investment that will always appreciate in value.

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