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Choosing an investment advisory team is a big decision.

At Bridgewater we take this selection process to heart. We know that your finances are intertwined with what you and your family’s day-to-day looks like, and with your vision for what you’d like to leave behind—both in terms of resources and impact—for generations to come.

We  take your choice to entrust us with your financial reality with great sincerity. Every choice we make is a result of our belief that there is nothing more important than your trust in us.

Why our clients continue to choose us. 

We take the time to get to know you. We do this not only because it’s vital to creating the just-right investment strategy for you, but because we genuinely enjoy getting to know our clients. We appreciate the value and power of relationship to drive growth for our client family. 

Asset Allocation. We are strong believers that asset allocation is the most prudent method for minimizing risk and maximizing performance. Its critical importance cannot be overstated. 

We base our asset allocation recommendations on the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) to determine our client’s optimal asset allocation. This theory was proposed independently by Jack Treynor and William Sharpe (who later won a Nobel prize in Economics) in the 1960s. CAPM allows us to calculate an expected return on an investment and revolves around the idea that as investors we should be compensated for taking on risk. It also shows the benefits in diversification in that specific stock risk can be diversified away by increasing the number of positions in a portfolio.

Our CIO Steve Schuler leads the investment team to provide client access to the Bridgewater Quality Growth Stock (QGS) portfolio. QGS is a portfolio of 22-25 individual stocks comprised of leading large capitalization companies in industries growing at a faster rate than the overall US economy. Bridgewater employs an internal screening process to identify candidates for purchase, conducts in house fundamental research on criteria including revenue, earnings and return on equity, and maintains ongoing analysis of trends and company updates. The QGS portfolio is well suited for individuals and families as the average holding period for each security is approximately three years, producing meaningful tax efficiency.

Strategic Partnerships. Our research partnership with LVW, a Barron’s Top 100 Wealth Advisor, provides access to leading research, asset allocation and global economic  data to benefit all Bridgewater clients.

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Investment Advisory Services

We believe in looking at your total financial life and we continually look at new ways of maximizing returns and decreasing risk. We build a diversified portfolio for you based on intelligent asset allocation, and offer a complete line of investment services. 

Our investment team works with our in-house financial planning, tax advisory and financial management groups to ensure seamless and customized financial service. If clients maintain tax, estate planning or financial management relationships, our investment team works in tandem with these other professionals on your team to maximize results and ease.

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