Customized financial solutions. 

Bridgewater Wealth and Financial Management has worked with institutions since our beginnings. We confidently navigate the complexities that accompany managing institutional wealth in alignment with mission, values and goals.

Our leaders and teams are at your service.

Bridgewater is unique in that we house investment advisory, tax advisory, and outsourced CFO teams within a boutique structure. Our world class vertical institutional capabilities combined with personalized service allows us to maximize outcomes while building long-term relationships. 

Institutions who become part of the Bridgewater Family get to know their account managers and point people well. We take high quality relationships, clear communication and integrity as sincerely as we do offering top of industry financial services. 

We look forward to having a conversation with you about how we can partner with you to create the financial results you want. Contact us today to set up a time. 

What You’ll Find at Bridgewater


Every aspect of Bridgewater’s operations and culture are mindfully designed to build a foundation of trust. Simply put, aligning with your best interests is in our best interest.


Our dedication to transparency means that what you see is what you get. You have the level of access to people and information that fulfills the combination of involvement and ease you desire.


With us, you have a deep financial bench offering you a diversity of perspectives and services that yields in-depth, comprehensive analysis and insight.